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Hilthera 4.0

High Intensed Laser Therapy for pain management

Hilthera is the unique Nd:YAG laser platform which has a photo-biomodulation effect on the body. The effect is directly proportional to the laser emission intensity and inversely proportional to the pulse duration. Thanks to the short pulse duration and the very high intensity, Hilthera has the right characteristics to generate this phenomenon inducing important therapeutic effects. This kind of stimulation is created by a series of biological signals that promote reparative and regenerative processes in tissues.

Hilthera - Indications

  • Acute pathologies

  • Tendinopathies
  • Muscle lesions
  • Distortions and dislocations
  • Post-traumatic edemas
  • Synovitis and bursitis
  • Osteochondral lesions
  • Degenerative and chronic pathologies

  • Osteoarthrosis
  • Degenerative chondropathies
  • Fibromyalgia syndrome

Hilthera - Mechanism

  • Photo-biostimulation /

    The laser wavelength of HILTHERA4.0 delivers high energy into targeted tissue during a short time of irradiation and then the targeted tissue is expanded and lymph drainage is stimulated. This helps to reabsorb unnecessary liquid which is accumulated in the human body.

    Laser energy is transmitted to the tissue and stimulates the drainage of lymph. As a result, the swelling (edema) is reduced and inflammatory molecules are removed very quickly.
  • Photo-biomodulation /

    Photo-biomodulation effect raises pH(acidic in pathological conditions) of tissue to physiological level and increases the production of ATP, affecting body homeostasis(equilibrium of body temperature and chemical ingredients)
    It prevents calcium from being released and removes the main inflammatory factors.

    Laser makes it easy to readjust physiological concentrations of Na+ and K+ on cellular level.(Speeding up metabolism)
  • Photothermal Effect /

    It delivers thermal energy into the tissue.
    It promotes blood circulation in damaged tissue and increases nutrients.
    It reduces the swelling in a very short time.

Treatment temperature change Treatment temperature change - Hilthera 4.0

High Peak Pluse


  • Increase of kinetic energy
  • Localized increase of temperature


  • Increase of ATP in the mitochondrion
  • Fast metabolism

  • Optimized function of Na-K pump at the cell membrane

Therapeutic effect

Reparative / Regenerative / Remodeling effect
Anti-inflamatory effect / Anti-Oedema effect
Antalgic effect

Hilthera - Innovative technology

Hilthera-Innovative_technology : Normal laser VS HILTHERA4.0 laser
  1. 01. SAFE

    Safely reduces the danger of burns due to enough TRT. More than other machines,it reliably delivers rich energy safely to the target area in the skin.
  2. 02. INTENSE

    Emits high-peak power(8000W) for a short on time. Provides enough thermal relaxation time for the tissue due to a long off time. Delivers high energy to deep areas that cannot be reached in CW or CW on-off mode.
  3. 03. DEEP

    The reason that the Hilthera beam is able to reach deep levels is vertical energy transfer by using High peak power in short pulse duration.
  4. 04. SPEED

    Prompt treatment by 30Hz beam speed. Even energy by high density of beam

Hilthera – Clinical strength

  • Short treatment time and long-lasting effect

  • Analgesic effect with only one treatment and quick recovery

  • Simultaneous solution for pathological caused and related symptom

  • Deep and effective action

  • Treatment on wide area

  • Neochondrogenic effect

  • anti-inflammation


Laser Medium Nd:YAG
Peak Power 8.0kW
Energy per pluse Max 1200 mJ
Average Power 30W
Fulence 2980mJ/cm2
Dimensions 900mm x 400mm x 850mm
Weight 110kg
Electrical Power 220V 50/60Hz


Touch Screen Interface
Save Mode (User Mode)
Auto Power Correction by Pre-pumping
Scanning Tempo Music

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