[DuoCell-SVF] Plastic surgery’s era is changed through DuoCell ( News & Event )

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[DuoCell-SVF] Plastic surgery’s era is changed through DuoCell

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These days, not only celebrities but also general public is going under the knife for different treatments and procedures.

As everybody’ style is different, in order to reach their own standard of beauty, people are choosing types of treatments matched for their needs.

Regardless the gender or age, everybody put a lot of care and attention to details.

So this is how, the plastic surgery became part of some of our life and is considered now a part of aesthetics and beauty field.


Have you ever thought the result you get is not as satisfactory as you would have expected?

Or that the amount of money you invest is not equal with time the results last?

People’s perceptions and life style changed a lot, but why not the plastic surgery concept?

So this is why we have to choose DuoCell.



"DuoCell changed the paradigm of plastic surgery"


DuoCell is characterized by a unique technology that allows the extraction of a larger amount of cells,

including SVF which adds synergy with a larger amount of stem cells.

This is a product that uses premium stem cells for your desired procedure.


"DuoCell premium stem cells plastic surgery?

Why we need premium stem cells for the plastic surgery??"

This is not about a sense of satisfaction without sustainability nor about the ration between satisfaction and investment,

but is about the joy of gaining eternal beauty.

That’s why we choose DuoCell!.

DuoCell premium stem cells can be combined with all types of plastic surgery procedures and it assure a sense of higher satisfaction than basic plastic surgery.

"DuoCell premium stem cells changes the plastic surgery paradigm"

You can now feel a higher sense of satisfaction by using the DuoCell premium stem cells during different plastic surgeries procedures.

DuoCell will assure the patient’s goal of beauty by using their own body stem cells.

DuoCell has a high engraftment rate through the premium stem cells that have the ability to differentiate themselves.

DuoCell allows the premium stem cells to quickly recover from wounds so the patient can return faster to his or her daily routine.

DuoCell breast cosmetic surgery

DuoCell facial fat transplant

DuoCell back of hand and butt fat transplant

DuoCell scar revision

DuoCell hair transplant

DuoCell skin booster



Make sure you will try the DuoCell during your plastic surgery procedure.

Enjoy the joy of plastic surgery never felt before.


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The best provider for your beauty


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