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[DuoCell-SVF] Those who love the beauty they will make different choices

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We are impressed by the

Beauty of the nature

We admire the beauty of the art,

Smile at the sparkling beauty of the night,

In one word, we love the beauty


That’s why

People are investing a lot to maintain their beauty.

These days, not only women but also men started to invest in their appearance.

As the beauty that catches each person is different, so is the beauty that each person has.

Seek a plastic surgery procedure which uses your own beauty and style to revive yourself not a beauty resource tailored for others. 



But can I find a higher level of beauty through the same procedure and plastic surgeries that others are using?

Depends on your choice if you want to gain a special level of beauty. 


"The difference between choices makes a difference to your beauty"

Choose a special cosmetic surgery different than the basic plastic surgery used by others.

Choose the premium stem cells DuoCell to reveal your beauty.

If you are looking for a true beauty

that is different than from others,





A large amount of stem cells extracted by DuoCell’s own specialized process.

This is a plastic surgery that combines stem cells,

including SVF cells that add synergy of stem cells to the plastic surgery.

If you choose to use DuoCell stem cells during all the plastic surgery procedures, we assure you,

you will get the best satisfaction you have never experience before.


"DuoCell, preserves beauty for a long time"

DuoCell not only uses stem cells but also SVF cells to create the premium stem cells.

Therefore, during the procedure, when stem cells are added they self-differentiate, also synergy of SVF cells adds a higher engraftment rate and assures you can keep your beauty for a long time. 



DuoCell breast cosmetic surgery

DuoCell facial fat transplant

DuoCell back of the hand and butt fat transplant

DuoCell scar revision

DuoCell hair transplant

DuoCell skin booster

Those who love beauty they will make different choices.


make the difference through your choices for beauty. 



Umbrella Inc.

The best provider for your beauty


​P: +82-70-8789-1638 | M: +82-10-9049-1638

E: trade@shareumbrella.com




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