[EXOTIGE] Let's blow away the summer pore troubles with the pore solver EXOTIGE ( News & Event )

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[EXOTIGE] Let's blow away the summer pore troubles with the pore solver EXOTIGE

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Pores are usually widen up faster during the hot season.

This is because the amount of dead skin and sebum is increasing under higher temperature and causes more waste to accumulate inside the pores.

During this time, proper attention is needed for skincare routine. But no matter how much pore tightening cosmetics are applied, the effect will only be temporary, a permanent improvement will be difficult to experience without professional help.

If that's so, what's the best solution to take care of my pores?


The smartest way for improvement is no visual improvement,

but intrinsic improvement!

"That's the 15 billion particle exosomes skinbooster,


Exosome skinbooster-EXOTIGE?"


Exosomes are nano-vesicles secreted from stem cells and contains abundant substances related to regeneration, anti-inflammatory and immune regulation.

EXOTIGE contains a large amount of these exosomes, arond 15 billion particles, to help regenerate and activate the whole skin cells more densely.


In addiiton, the activating solution formulated with the golden ratio of various activating ingredients, including five key growth factors, enhances the synergy of the exosomes.


Through this, you can definitely experience a better exosome skinboooster.


A pore eraser optimized for MTS containing 15 billion exosomes particles, Exotige.


Start the summer with firm and smooth skin.


"15 billion exosome particles

definitely a denser skinbooster"


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