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It is Different Unique Opportunity

No more sagging with Duo Lifting solution!

Duo Lifting is non-sugical face and body lifting by absorbable PDO(polydioxanone) activating cell tissue regeneration and stimulating collagen production.

Duo lifting is the resolution for the saggy skin and wrinkles including collagen remodeling and elastin regeneration by inserting harmless thread into the skin.


Duo Lifting is an innovative and effective lifting that reduce pain and side effects from the procedure. Duo Lifting is the combination of Duo Standard thread which performs its role as lifting and Duo Clutch which strongly holds the skin.


Use of the advanced concept technology on the thread, Duo Clutch with duplex Cogs, makes it significantly different from any other existing threads. It dramatically enhances the fixing effect of lifted skin and minimizes pains and side effects from the treatment.

Duo Lifting Normal Duo Lifting

Duo Clutch has duplex Cogs that perform a fixing effect of lifted skin with the aid of Duo Standard, Duo Long, and Duo Mini. This unique technology is patent protected.


Duo Standard
Duo Standard For lifting the saggy skin.
Duo Clutch
Duo Clutch For holding the lifted skin.
Duo Mini
Duo Mini For saggy skin around mouth.
Duo Long
Duo Long For wrinkles of forehead, saggy eyebrows, breast, and hip.

Effectiveness is increased when the four kinds of product are used in proper combination.

Duo cogs

Item Needle Thread Length Thread USP
Duo Standard 19g, 100mm 140mm 1 - 0
Duo Clutch 19g, 100mm 140mm 1 - 0
Duo Mini 23g, 60mm 110mm 4 - 0
Duo Long 19g, 100mm 410mm 1 - 0

Duo non cogs

Item Needle Thread Length Thread USP
Duo Non-A 26g, 38mm 54mm 5 - 0
Duo Non-B 26g, 60mm 90mm 5 - 0
Duo Non-C 26g, 90mm 155mm 5 - 0
Duo Non-D 29g, 25mm 30mm 6 - 0
Duo Non-E 29g, 38mm 54mm 6 - 0


  • The patented Duo Lifting with strong cogs produces better results.

  • Allows patients to return to daily life immediately after the procedure with non-surgical treatment.

  • Reduces side effects with the aid of special cogs of Duo Clutch.

  • Approximately 30 minutes procedure time.

  • Less swelling & Less bruising.

Before & After

Duo Lifting Before & After
Duo Lifting Before & After
Duo Lifting Before & After
Duo Lifting Before & After

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