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Innovation in hyaluronic acid technology

SkinPlus-HYAL is a long-lasting & Semipermanent HA filler that drastically improves the duration time when compared with existing fillers.
& Removable
Our new HA filler is safe and removable, resolving the safety issue of the non-HA long lasting fillers.

Long lasting HA filler?

01. Normally to make HA filler last long, the concentration level, the particles size, and the cross-linking level should be increased at the same ratio. Increasing the particle size and concentration level without increasing the cross-linking cannot make HA filler last long enough plus moulding and injecting cannot be performed well.

Our product, SkinPlus-HYAL, with patented multistage cross-linking [MCL] technology provides an impressive improvement over the existing technology against the short duration problem.

Long lasting HA filler

02. Patented MCL Technology

Long lasting HA filler - Patented MCL Technology Technology in exixting HA filler: Primary or Secondary cross-linking can be different in each company. Test result conducted by a respectable laboratory
Long lasting HA filler - Using MCL technology

03. Using MCL technology, we have successfully developed a semi-solid gel structured Hyaluronic Acid with high viscosity overcoming the technological limitation that existed in HA cross-linking.

We have increased cohesiveness & viscosity while increasing hydrophilic capacity and lowering the particle size, which makes moulding a much simpler process.

arrow Due to high cohesiveness and viscosity, SkinPlus-HYAL is not easily dissolved
by Hyaluronidase in the body.(The long-lasting mechanism)

SkinPlus - HYAL Ideal filler with mechanical property for tissues augmentation

01. Strong viscosity (cohesiveness) & Migration resistance!

Strong viscosity (cohesiveness) & Migration resistance!

02. Effective firmness! high control of G'(gel hardness)range

  • In case of forehead, chin, and soft tissue augmentation such as nasolabial fold, malar, chin, cheek, and temproal area : Implant Type
  • In case of lip or soft tissue augmentation : Volume Type

03. Superior hydrophilic capacity & Smaller particle size

Results of water content comparison After centrifugation for 30minutes at 3,000 rpm.
(Condition: add 50 cc of pure water into 1 cc of each test sample)
 Superior hydrophilic capacity & Smaller particle size

Safe & Removable

01. No harmful effect

-Raw Material & Final Product : 100% Hyaluronic Acid

Refractive index comparison No harmful effect

SkinPlus-HYAL, high level of cross-linking rate, maintained the same wave pattern as the raw materials in the refractive index comparison test, proving that HA is 100% without any chemical modification.

Final product is 100% hyaluronic acid, proven by refractive index comparison.

02. No worries for unsatisfactory results

  It can allways be dissolved using Hyaluronidase in case of unwanted results.
- Perfect antidote by Hyaluronidase

No worries for unsatisfactory result It was confirmed that SkinPlus-HYL can be quickly dissolved
when Hyaluronidase was injected.

Product Information

5 pointImplant Type 5 pointVolume Type
HA Content 20mg / ml 20mg / ml
Capacity 1ml x 2 syringe 1ml x 2 syringe
Needle Cannula - 20G 50mm
or 21G 38mm
Needle - 21G 1"(25mm)
or 23G 3/4"(19mm)
Needle - 26G 1/2"(13mm)
Particle Size 5 point 4.5 point
Cross-linking 200㎛ 150㎛
Use Subcutaneous
Upper periosteum

Our innovative
MCL technology provides
an impressive improvement to the short
duration problem experienced
by the existing technology.

Before & After

Nasolabial fold Before & After
Nasolabial fold  Before & After
Flat nose Before & After
Flat nose  Before & After
Crooked Nose Before & After
Crooked Nose  Before & After
Hump Nose Before & After
Hump Nose Before & After

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